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Wirez helps broadcasters and publishers to gain access to a variety of stories from all over the globe. We provide stories that are both in high quality and are ready for immediate broadcast, to help fill in your five-minute gaps!

The stories in our library are provided by several freelancers that work internationally to bring you untold video stories that are not usually covered by the media.

You can easily gain the access to our stories by choosing the membership Categories based on the number of stories you’d like to purchase. (hyperlink to the subscription page)

How it Works: first, you need to create an account on Wirez, after we have all your requested information you get to choose what membership style you need. You could get the Silver Package, the Golden Package or the Platinum Package.

For more details please visit the memberships description page. (hyperlink that takes them to the subscription page).

Wirez also offers a payment solution, the whole transaction goes through the publisher's account straight to the storyteller's, Wirez fully covers from A to Z!

Stories Library

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