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Why Wirez
Wirez connects talented video storytellers with media broadcasters and publishers.
Wirez is an easy alternative solution for media publishers to discover and purchase interesting, ready-to-publish stories from the Middle East or, to hire top video-journalists and crews to bring stories to life.

Our Clients

Ready to publish
Ready to publish
Want a unique and an untold story? Wirez offers media companies and publishers video-stories ready for broadcasting.

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Request a Service
Request a Service
Have a great story but need a professional crew to bring it to life? Find and contract a video-production crew through our platform.

Access Top Talent
Commission an Idea
Commission an Idea
Are you looking for a new idea for a production from the MENA region? Review our proposals and commission an interesting project now!
Commission a Video
Stock Videos
Stock Videos

Wirez provides publishers and broadcasters with a variety of international and global stock videos to contain it in their own productions

Find Stock Video
Creative Video
Creative Video

Enhance your digital stories and messages with animation and infographics and visual effects

Find Your Story
Sell Your Stories
Sell Your Stories

Have a story you want to sell? Post your story and get published through our platform.

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Bid For Tasks
Bid For Tasks
Want to produce for international publishers? Access the opportunities available through our platform.

Get Hired
Pitch Your Stories
Pitch Your Stories
Have a story you want to tell? Wirez gives you the chance to pitch your ideas to international publishers to seek commissioning.

Pitch Your Stories
Improve Your skills
Improve Your skills

Wirez and our partners offers training and development opportunities.

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Some of the stories now available through our platform.
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Other Video Productions
Need a specified video production? You want to request a special video made for you? ? We can facilitate any services regarding your productions, contact us today and let us handle the rest.
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Added Values
Story Library
Wirez has a library that is full with unique and diversified stories from all over the world.
MENA Focus
Wirez focuses on the stories from the Middle East and North Africa regions, and therefore delivering untold and hidden stories.
24 / 7
Wirez is always available! Being an online based business, we’re available to serve you whenever works for YOU.
No Headache
Wirez takes care of your transaction, from A to Z. You do not have to worry about the payment solution, just fill in your information and Wirez takes it from there.
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